The 7th Theme

Dissolution and Restoration of Love

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In these fleeting times, every moment has its possibility


An ancient craft: a touch, a scent, a taste
A lasting love: promise, faithfulness, contentment
Personal conduct: integrity, benevolence, staid
A sustainable nature: cultivate, diversify, recycle
Reciprocal aid: understanding, generosity, reflection

The search for spiritual land: antecedent, guidance, contemplative


These are the inclinations and strengths intertwined with love; when fortune shall not corrupt, poverty shall not dampen, power shall not suppress what we consider to be love. Whether this love is complex or simple; whether it’s for a race, a country, culture; or for the self, the family, a life.


Love isn’t to antagonize, contest, or for selfish gains. In times of change, the forsaken, or devastation, love breathes depth and creativity; love restores mission and dreams with its warm embrace.


Yet, love also dissolves in a hateful environment where it can be used as a bargaining chip, be abused, or taken for granted. So in order for the essence and hope to endure and live on within us, we restore love where we once renounced it.


Love is not restored for sentimentality, for what once was, for what should have been. Love is restored in order to elevate and empower. If love cannot inject new value and attitude, carve out new outlooks and roadmaps then love becomes an obstacle and a shackle.


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is opportunity. Today, CNEX calls for the restoration of love. We emphasize the ability to convey and practice love; we emphasize the ability to inspire new realizations, attitudes, designs, order, city, village, lover, self, relationships; we emphasize grandiose but also conventional love.


In an ever-changing environment, we shall face the dissolution of love but also the restoration of love. Our conditions might be warped, our feelings foreign yet familiar, but when we face and understand 2012, we can anticipate 2013 and the beyond. And with this feeling of restored love in the face of dissolution, we will begin to build a network of trust and respect across the China Straights. In the documentation of the rise and fall of love, the dissolution and restoration of love, we leave behind treasures to our hearts.


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